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When Paul wrote his first letter to the small but growing church in the Greek city of Thessalonica, he commended them for their enthusiastic service to the cause of Christ.  He commended their work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope in their Lord.  He pointed out that they were examples and role models to other believers in Macedonia and Achaia.  He wrote that the Thessalonians had become faithful imitators of the first churches of Christ in Israel despite the persecutions from their fellow countrymen.  He continued to say that they showed much brotherly love toward one another:                

"You yourselves are taught by God to love one another  and indeed you do so." (I Thes 4:9 and 10)                 

In the last chapter he directs them on how to live a God-honoring life: "Rejoice": "Pray without ceasing"; "give thanks"; "test all things"; "abstain from evil".  The topic I want to focus on is what Paul mentioned in the fourth chapter and first part of the fifth chapter: " the coming day of the Lord."                    


When this letter was read in the church, some believers must have thought that because of persecutions, the day of the Lord had come.  Some reacted by quitting their jobs and responsibilities and just watched the sky for His Coming.  The devil's seeds of Bible misunderstanding were taking root in the young church.               

Upon hearing these sad facts, Paul sat down at Corinth and wrote them a second letter.  Unlike a harsh schoolmaster, Paul simply pointed out that the believers were to work and live holy lives.  He also wrote:                

"...not to be shaken in mind or though   the day of Christ had come...for that Day will not   come unless the falling away comes first and the man   of sin is revealed." (2 Thes. 2:2 and 3)                 

In other words before Jesus will return something has to happen first - a great falling away of "believers" from the Christian faith.                     

"Wait, wait, wait!", some might exclaim, "In the last chapter you said that NOTHING else has to happen before Jesus returns.  Why the change?  Hasn't everything else happened for Jesus to return or do we have to wait for 80 more things to happen first?  Does this mean that His return really isn't imminent?"  In this chapter I hope to answer those and other questions like: "What is meant by the great falling away?"; "What is meant by the man of sin who will take his seat in the temple?"; and "Will there be an armed conflict at Armageddon?"  My answers may surprise some readers.                     

In looking at the middle of the 20th Century it is easy to understand why so many  pastors were convinced that by the 1980s the world would most likely see a major East-West showdown of military might in the Middle East.               

The 1940s saw the death and destruction that was brought on by World War II, the Nazi Holocaust, the first use of atomic weapons in wartime, and the formation of the state of Israel.                      

The 1950s saw the Korean War, the birth of rock music, the escalating tensions between the US and USSR. Also thanks to the actions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the Soviets gained the know-how to create their own atomic bomb.             

The 1960s were the "swinging 60s" but they were also the turbulant 60s.  The "God is dead" movement helped create moral decay.  Traditional values were replaced by free love, long hair on men, drug use, and Beatlemania.  There was also Woodstock and the graphic TV images of human despair during the Vietnam War.  During the 40s brave men marched off to war to defend our country against fascism.  Just one generation later men of about the same  age marched on their college campuses shouting, "Hell no we won't go!".  The result: South Vietnam  no longer exists as a free country.                    

There were three assassinations that decade.  We lost a president, a presidental hopeful, and a brave civil rights leader.  Even before the MLK assassination, there was rioting in some US cities.                      

In July 1964 Rochester, NY saw three straight days of chaotic rioting.  The situation was so grave that Governor Rockefeller had to call the National Guard to restore order.  (I can still recall my aunt describing the story of how rioters were so wild that they flipped over the policecar of the Rochester Chief of Police and how the chief had to run for his life to escape the mad mob)                          

The 1970s were a more calm decade; although words like "Watergate" and "impeachment" were common on the evening news.  The 70s also saw the overthrow of an important US ally, The Shah of Iran.  After months of protests in Tehran, the Shah left his country, a country he was trying hard to build only to have it torn down by a bunch of Shia theocrats.                       

Later came the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (Fortunately for us the Soviets weren't as successful in blasting the Afghans into submission as they had been in countries like Hungary and Czecheslovakia)  In 1984 there was talk of a Soviet boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics.  (The joke was that the Soviets didn't like to enter countries where they couldn't enter with tanks)                     

With all that mayhem going on in the world it is easy to understand why so many speakers and writers were convinced that the forces of East and West were headed for a military climax.  Some even believed that the 1980s would be a countdown to a nuclear exchange at Armageddon.  "It's later than you think.", some said.                  

"Who is the Anti-christ?", "How close are we to the rapture?," were two questions that some pastors were asking from the pulpit.                      

As we now know the 1980s and even the 1990s came and went without a third world war.  The Reagan defense buildup helped cause the evil empire to collapse from within and an East-West nuclear confrontation at Meggido was averted.                       

To understand the last days we have to read and consider everything the Bible says about the time of the end and put every passage in its proper context.  Here it helps to read the Bible instead of just sensationalized  books and the liberal news media's pundits.                  

First let's do some identifying.  What is meant by such terms as "beast", "temple", and "Israel" in the context of the last days?  As we've seen earlier the beast that rises from the sea is Satan himself.  The beast has possession of all the world's political systems since he won the temptation battle in the Garden.  He and his army of demons own the souls of unsaved people on every continent.  There will be no world dictator.                

What is meant by "temple" as it appears in 2 Thes. 2:4?  Some believe that this verse means that the beast also known as the "son of perdition' and "that man of sin", will someday sit in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.               

"...(the beast)...exalts himself above...God.  (And   is) worshipped so that he sits as God in the temple  of God showing himself that he is God."                  

This sounds like a case of spiritual mutiny.  Since the beast, the son of perdition, and that man of sin all refer to Satan himself and since Satan is an invisible spirit, then how can he be seen sitting in a temple, or any place, as a person of worship?  How would an atheist respond to that situation?  "Oh I don't believe in any spirits.  I'm not going to worship anyone I can't see."                

What is meant by the word "temple" in 2 Thes. 2:4?  Historically there were two temples.  The first was built at the time of King Solomon.  It was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC.  The second temple was built after the exile and completed around 516 BC.  It was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.                       

Let's point out that Jews in the 1st Century, just like today, are not to look at temple offerings as a means of atonement for sin.  They are to look to Jesus as the ultimate sin offering instead.  Yes temple offerings were made after Jesus was crucified, but from God's point of view they meant nothing.  The author of Hebrews tells us that everything about the Old Covenant is past:                

"...A new covenant, He (God) has made the first   obsolete" (8:13)                      

We are now under the newer covenant of grace.  Jews have to come to the foot of the cross and receive Christ just like everyone else.  With all that in mind why would God sanction the building of a third temple?                 

Also note that Muslims have built their Dome of the Rock mosque on the site of the two temples.  Once Muslims take ground they don't just meekly give it back.                

Christian author Perry Stone has visited Israel several times.  He has reported that when it comes to the subject of a third temple for the future, the Israelis respond, "Our country is our temple."                   

With all that said some prophecy teachers still insist that there will be a third temple built in today's Jerusalem where their world dictator will take his seat.  Personally I think there is a better chance of a Wal-Mart being built in Pong-yang.                     

Since what many teachers teach is incorrect then what is the proper interpretation of 2 Thes. 2:4?  Let's hold that question until we get deeper into the chapter.                

Next up, what is meant by the term "Israel"?  Many of us are familiar with the story in Genesis where Jacob wrestled with the angel all night.  Jacob's determination and quest for God was being tested.  He wasn't going to rest until he knew he had God's favor.  The following morning God changed Jacob's name to Israel.  Those who were Jacob's decendants would be the children of Israel. After the Exodus and defeat of the Canaanites, they possessed the Promised Land and became the nation of Israel.                         

What we need to note here is that New Testament prophecy concerning Israel is different from prophecy of Israel found in the Old Testament.  In Old Testament times the nation of Israel represented God's kingdom on Earth.  Israelites observed the Old Covenant.  But since we are now living in the era of a new and better covenant, the church (the body of believers in Jesus) is now the representation of God's kingdom on Earth.                

Let's look at some evidence.  Paul wrote in Romans 9:6:                          

"...they are not all Israel (saved) who are of Israel  (born in Israel)"                      

Not all Israelites were ready for Heaven.  In Luke's gospel where the rich man died and was in torments he cried out "Father Abraham".  His words proved that he was a decendant of Abraham and he wasn't ready for Heaven.               

Paul also wrote in Romans 10:1:                   

" heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is  that they may be saved"                     

Paul goes onto say:                      

"And so all Israel WILL be saved." (Romans 11:26)                

Is Paul speaking presumptuously here?  How would he know that every last Israelite will be saved?  In the former verse, Paul is telling of his wishes that all of his fellow countrymen would someday turn to Jesus.  That was his greatest wish.  May they all become saved.                

To understand the latter verse we have to read it in light of Romans 11:5:                      

" the present time there is a remnant according   to the election of grace."                    

A remnant is a small group not a large nation.  This small remnant is called the Body of Christ.  They are elected to salvation by grace.  What all this means is that the whole world is invited to Heaven but each individual must come by way of Jesus.  Since God knows the beginning from the end, He knows the names of everyone who will turn to Jesus by faith.  When that person turns to Jesus, God then chooses to elect him (John 6:37).  I Peter 1:2 says that we are elect according to the foreknowledge of God.  Everyone who will turn to Jesus will be saved, hence:                   

"all Israel will be saved."                    

This can only mean that New Testament Israel is the Body of Christ.  To further prove this point Bible teachers point to Galatians 6:15 and 16:                  

"For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor    uncircumcision avails anything but a new creation.  And as many as walk according to the rule, peace and  mercy be upon them and the Israel of God."                 

This verse makes it clear that New Testament Israel is the Body of Christ.                       

Now that we've identified some of the elements that are mentioned in the Bible, the next step is to take that knowledge and form a proper sequence of events as to what will happen just before the Lord's return.  We know in Revelation 13:1 that John saw a beast rise from the sea with seven heads and ten horns.  In chapter 12 verse three John writes of a fiery dragon that also has seven heads and ten horns.  One curious difference is that the dragon has seven crowns on its seven heads whereas the beast has ten crowns on its ten horns.  Why   is there a difference?  Personally I cannot say for sure.                

We know from Revelation 17:9 that the seven heads are seven mountains.  This imagery identifies with Rome, a city set on seven hills.  As we have seen earlier in 17:10 the seven heads represent seven kings or kingdoms.  Five of those kingdoms ( Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Greece) have fallen.  One is (Imperial Rome) and one is yet to come in John's time (Papal Rome).  Revelation 17:11 also mentions an eighth king:                   

"And the beast that was, and is not is himself also  the eighth and is of the seven and is going to per-  dition (destruction)."                     

The words "is of the seven" means that all seven of the above kingdoms mentioned have their power and in-  fluence from the beast (Satan).  They are all satanic in practice.  All of them have shed innocent blood.                

The eighth king is Satan himself.  The ten horns will receive authority as kings with the beast (Satan) for one hour.  What does all that mean?  And who are the ten horns?  What do they represent?  Some say that these ten horns refer to ten divisions of the ancient Roman Empire that will be revived in the last days.  This explanation doesn't work because when the Roman Empire fell it disintegrated into a total of 165 different people groups.  One can't really make a case for ten divisions coming from that many minorities.                    

Another theory that was popular in the 70s was that the ten horns represented the European Economic Community more commonly called the Common Market.  The ECC was started in 1958 when six countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany) banded together to create free trade and common import duties among member nations.  In 1973 England, Ireland, and Denmark also joined bringing the number of member countries to nine.                       

There was much excitement in the prophecy community on January 1, 1981 when Greece joined bringing the number to ten.  Some teachers were saying "Look look the Common Market now has ten members.  These must be what the Bible calls the ten horns."                      

As we now know the Common Market morphed into what we know today as the European Union.  Brexit not withstand-     ing, the EU now has 28 members; so much for the Common Market theory.                                    

So who then are the ten horns?  The number "10" is God's number for completeness or fullness.  For instance there were ten commandments; Abraham gave one portion of ten as a tithe; there were ten plagues on Egypt; Jesus told the church at Smyrna  that they would have tribulation for ten days .  Hence I believe that the ten horns (ten kings) represent the fullness in number of all of those who will never become saved.  These people will reign as "kings" with the beast for one "hour".                            

"...the ten horns...are ten kings...but they receive   authority for one hour as kings with the beast."                

What evidence can be shown that the ten kings are not ten politicans but are a symbol of all the unsaved?  Consider this illustration.  Think of a Bible character, besides Lucifer, who wanted to be king and answer to no one.  A good example would be the prodigal son.  Although he wasn't a real king he wanted to be king of his own destiny.  He wanted his own way.  He didn't want to answer to anyone, not his older brother, not his father, and certainly not God.  This is a picture of unsaved man: "I look out for number one and I am the master of my own destiny."  Hence it is not a stretch to call the ten kings the sum total of all those who will never become saved.                         

These ten kings will rule with Satan for "one hour".  (Perhaps this is why the ten horns are crowned).  If we accept the view that the ten kings are the unsaved, then the "one hour" that the unsaved reign alongside Satan could refer to the time from the Fall to the Second Coming.  At least the prodigal son repented.  When their "hour" of dancing with the devil ends, the ten kings will not repent.                        

Now let's take another look at the eighth king.  The eighth king is known as Satan, Lucifer, the beast, the dragon, the son of perdition, and that man of sin. Satan (the angel Lucifer) was once a powerful and beautful angel.  He was given the second highest position in Heaven, he was guardian of God's throne.  We don't know all the details but there came a time when Lucifer was not content with his position as top angel.  He was given a choice to either serve God or serve himself.  He choose the latter.  He choose to be proud, discontent, and greedy.  Listen to his words:                    

"...I will ascend in heaven; I will exalt my throne  above the stars (angels) of God; I will also sit on   the mount of the congregation...I will ascend above   the heights of the clouds."                    

Pay close attention to his next seven words:                 

"I will be like the Most High." (Isaiah 14:13 and 14)               When Lucifer shouted those words at God and conned one third of his fellow angels to join his rebellion, he was not just seeking a promotion.  HE UNKNOWINGLY WAS MAKING A PROPHECY.                         

Believe it or not there will come a time when Satan will rule the world FROM HEAVEN.  How and when will that happen?  When Satan takes his seat of authority in the temple.  But wait!  There isn't going to be a third temple built.  How can any of this be?                   

In Hebrews 8:2 the writer mentions a sanctuary:                

"A minister of the sanctuary and of the true taber-  nacle, which the Lord erected and not man."                 

This sanctuary (temple) will not appear in the old dusty streets of Jerusalem but in the New Jerusalem, that is Heaven.  Satan will be permitted by God to sit with authority in this sanctuary.  This is the temple situation that Paul mentioned:                    

"...the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition  ...who opposes and exalts himself above all that is   called God (and) is worshipped, so that he sits as God  in the temple of God showing himself that he is God."  (2 Thes. 2:2, 3, and 4)                     

At this time Satan "will be like the most High".  Satan will not only sit in the sanctuary but he will be given increased power and authority.  Of course his power will still be limited and his reign in the sanctuary will not be forever, but his power will come with a lot less godly restrait.                       

Our world would be a lot worse if Satan operated with no limits on his power.  His power has always been limited but in this era it will be a lot less limited.  Watch out!  In that time Satan will be able to instigate worse wickedness, worse rioting, stronger deception, more immorality, and more attacks on the church.  I call this era the "Time of Final Testing"                    

This is not good news.  Jesus warned us of this coming time of testing and tribulation.  In Matthew 24:20 He refered to it as "winter"; not a winter of snow and ice but a spiritual winter of extreme spiritual trials.                

One of the truths that Paul taught the small but growing Thessalonian church is that Jesus will not return until there first comes a great falling away.  The world will become a more ungodly place.                    

"But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse  deceiving and being deceived." (2 Tim. 3:13)                 

Not only will the unsaved be attacked but also the local church will be tested:                     

"And because lawlessness will abound the love of many  will grow cold." (Mat. 24:12)                    

During this time local churches will become less and less faithful to the Bible.  When professing Christians love the things of this world their love for God goes down.  When they love and fear God less, they obey Him less. Look at the divorce rate among Christians.  In the 1940s that was rare. Today not only are church members getting divorced, but so are church leaders.  Just like God allowed Satan to test Job, so will He allow Satan to test the church both corporately and individually.  I can only hope that the Bible remains the final authority and not public opinion.                       

How long will this final time of testing last?  From my understanding of the Bible, it will last 42 months.  In Revelation 13 we see the beast rising from the sea. We've already noted that this beast will suffer a deadly wound to the head and that this wound will be healed.  The chapter goes onto say:                     

"And he was given a mouth speaking great things and  blasphemies and he was given authority to continue for 42 months." (13:5)  (Please note that the 42 months   are mentioned after the beast receives the head wound  that becomes healed.)                     

This whole scenario is a repeat of history.  In 167 BC the Gentile tyrant Antiochus IV entered Jerusalem and desecrated the Temple for 1150 days.  Antiochus IV was a type of Satan.  In much the same way that Antiochus IV desecrated the Temple, so will Satan desecrate the heavenly sanctuary, but this time it will last 42 months.               

What happens at the end of the 42 months?  Satan, once and for all, will be thrown out of Heaven!                  

"...And I saw a star falling from heaven to the earth" (Revelation 9:1) (Please note that the "s" in "star"   and the "h" in "him" (v.2) are in small letters.  They  do not refer to the Lord Jesus)                   

Jesus returns in power and great glory for His bride.  Next come the plagues.  The church has been taken away by Jesus to Heaven for 1000 years where it is safe from all the plagues.                       

Satan's next function will be to open the bottomless pit.  Dark smoke and locusts will appear.  These are not ordinary locusts.  They will have the wisdom of men, the beauty of women, teeth like lions, iron breastplates, and stingers like scorpions.  Basically they are demons in the form of locusts.  It will be playtime for demons.  They will not be able to kill but they will sting and torment those on the Earth for five horrible months:                            

"In those days men will seek death and will not find  it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from  them" (Revelation 9:6)                     

All of these events, the Second Coming and the 14 plagues that follow, are still in the future.  What is Satan doing today?  He and his demons are busy keeping people away from the one true Gospel so that as many people as possible will be left behind on this Earth after the Second Coming.  Here is only some of the many ploys that Satan is pushing in our present world:                           

Atheistic Evolution    

False Gospels   

The LGBT Agenda     


Radical Islam     

Moral Decay   

Militant Secularism    

Unity Without Truth  


Substance Abuse  

False Signs 






Some might say that the only way to be a faithful Christian is that you have to be against everything and live like a miserable sequestered monk.  No I'm not against everything but I do want to be against those things that I know offend God.                      

It is necessary for Christians to be against certain things.  I would not want a police department that wasn't against crime.  I would not want a military that was not against a foreign invasion.  Likewise I would not want a church that was not against sin.                    

Yes heresies in our world abound.  But next I want to highlight three heresies that have gained a lot of ground in the 21st Century.  They need to be given special attention.  Also note that the Bible mentions three unclean spirits that will come out of the mouths of the dragon, beast, and false prophet (Revelation 16:13 and 14).  Could these three heresies that I'm about to share be the handiwork of these three unclean spirits?                             

I.  The first heresy is Chrislam.  I've already addressed the wrongs of Chrislam earlier.  This heresy started in Nigeria as a compromise by Nigerian Christians to Muslims.  It basically says that Christians and Muslims worship the same God who has two different names.  Here are two questions to consider:                               

1.  How can the same God have two different salvation plans and then insist that each plan is the ONLY way to Heaven?  The God of the Bible rejects Chrislam because His Word indicates that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  Does Allah reject Chrislam?  If not then he is a fraud and if he does then Chrislam is a fraud.                               

2.  According to Islamic tradition Jesus is Allah's only sinless prophet.  Would this make Muhammed a sinful prophet?                                      

Chrislam is gaining popularity in the West largely because of our inclusive politically correct media culture.  "Let's all offer eachother warm handshakes and friendly smiles.  We don't want to offend or make others think that Christ's way is the only way."                              

Can anyone who really studies the Bible imagine Elijah making such warm inclusive gestures to the false prophets of Baal?  Would Paul invite a Chrislamic pastor to speak after he told his readers:                     

"If anyone even an angel from Heaven were to bring  another gospel let him be accursed."? (Gal. 1:8)                

Do Christians in Muslim controlled countries, who face a possible death sentence, practice Chrislam?  NO WAY!  These Christ-followers are  willing to give their lives in defense of their faith in our risen Lord.                            

Chrislam presents itself as a way of welcoming Muslims into western countries.  It is all about not offending people who come to America.  I agree.  In a civilized culture we should be able to have respectful dialogue with people of other cultures.  Let's not be like the Saudi monarchy that has no tolerence of people with opposing views.  Yet I am never to sacrifice doctrinal truth for the sake of political correctness.                                           

II.  The second big heresy I want to address is the so-called "End of the Church Age"  This teaching was started by Family Radio, a Christian radio minstry that is based in Oakland, CA.  The ministry was co-founded by the late Harold Camping whose Open Forum call-in radio show could be heard on stations across America.                            

Around 2001 Camping started telling his radio audience that God ended the church age in 1988 and He ended it again in 1994.  This meant that all churches worldwide were taken over by Satan, who is standing in the holy place, and all true believers are called to leave their local churches.                                   

As proof Camping claims that today's churches are becoming more and more like the world.  The Bible was once revered as the Word of God.  Now it is simply looked upon as a book of suggestions.  Once pastors boldly proclaimed divine truth.  Now we have gay pastors, women pastors, divorced pastors, and some pastors who don't even know what divine truth is.  Once we had sermons on fire and brimstone.  Today we have sermons on nutrition and money-making.                                   

All of these concerns are legitimate.  Such compromise needs to be condemned and rejected but is the church age really over?  Has Jesus divorced Himself from His church?  Is the news about today's churches all bad?  My answer of course is "No".  With that said here are the reasons why I reject the end of the church age teaching.                                          

1.  Not everyone who volunteers at Family Radio's Oakland headquarters agrees with Camping's teaching.  One night while on my drive  to my third shift job, I was listening to Camping's Open Forum radio program.  One caller came on and told the radio audience that he had spoken with workers at the Oakland headquarters and he learned that many of them did not accept Campings's teaching.                          

Instead of challenging the caller, Camping simply said, "I am ending this conversation."  He then hung up and went to his next caller.                                 

2.  Camping told his radio audience that he no longer belongs to a church but to a fellowship.  What is a church according to Jesus?                      

"For where two or three are gathered together in My   name, I am there among them." (Mat 18:20)                 

This is the biblical definition of a church.  Whether believers gather to honor Jesus in a church building or a rented social hall in a "fellowship", they are still considered a church.                      

Camping was asked by a caller, "What is the difference between a church and a fellowship?"  Campings answer was anything but convincing.                                  

3.  Jesus will never divorce His church.  Instead He promised His followers:                      

"And lo I am with you always even to the end of the  age." (Mat. 28:20)                      

Today Jesus is busying pruning His church so that it can bear fruit.  The healthier the branch the more fruit it can bear.  He has no wishes to give up on His bride inspite of all of her imperfections.  Even the lukewarm Laodecian church was rebuked and told to repent. Even that church still had potiential.                                  

4.  Let us please remember the human factor when we point out sin in churches past and present.  All churches are composed of fallible human beings and fallible humans will make mistakes.  Perfection in this fallen world is impossible.                        

Yes sin and wrong doctrines are in many churches today but that is nothing new  For example churches around 1900 took a strong stand against divorce, sodomy, and moral impurity.  Yet many of those same churches had shameful service records when it came to race relations.  Many of them pushed for forced segregation.  Today the situation is the opposite.  The churches welcome those of different races but many of them are too tolerent of the world's values.                                     

Sin was a problem for churches in the 1st Century.  Of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation only Smyrna and Philadelphia received positive reviews from Jesus.  The rest had imperfections that needed addressed.                 

Sin in the church is proof that the church is under spiritual attack.  The church has always been under spiritual attack.  Is the answer "cut and run" or "confront and pray/work for revival"?  Just like an army must be loyal to its flag so must Christians be loyal to their Savior and Lord.                                               

5.  One day the disciples showed Jesus the beauty of the Temple.  Jesus then prophesied:                   

"Do you not see all these things?  Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall we left upon another that   shall not be thrown down." (Mat. 24:2)                   

Jesus was foretelling of the coming Roman destruction of the Temple which occured in 70 AD.  The Jews were still practicing Temple sacrifices instead of looking to Jesus for salvation. Therefore the Temple needed to be destroyed.                                   

Camping deputes the fact that Matthew 24:2 is about the coming destruction of the Temple.  Why?  Because of the presence of the Western Wall.  Why is it still standing?  Why are there still stones upon another?                

Camping claims that the above prophecy has nothing to do with the events of 70 AD.  Instead it is a references to the end of the church age.  According to Camping, the words, "not one stone shall be left upon another", means that every last true believer will leave his local church.  The local church will become void of true "stones" - believers.                                 

First what is the Western Wall?  It is a 66 foot high stone wall in Jerusalem that is revered by Jews to this day.                          

The second Temple, which was completed at the time of Haggai (516 BC) was a complete Temple in God's sight.  Nothing needed to be added.                     

" 'The glory of the latter temple shall be greater   than the former', says the Lord." (Haggai 2:9)                

What Camping didn't realize was that there was no Western Wall in 516 BC.  The Western Wall was built around 17 BC at the time of Herod.  It was known as Herod's Wall.  Possibly Herod had it built so that he could score points with the Jews.  Regardless of Herod's motives, the Western Wall, from God's point of view, was nothing sacred.  It didn't need to be destroyed.                             

My conclusion: The prophecy of Matthew 24:2 refers to the events of 70 AD.  The existence of the Western Wall today proves nothing.                                   

6.  Another reason to reject the "End of the church age" teaching is that in the Third World, unlike the West, the churches are still growing.  There are many stories of people still becoming saved in places like Africa, India, and the Pacific islands.                               

These new  believers in Christ need a weekly message from the Bible and the fellowship of a church.                             

These people realize that worship, if done right, should be a mountain-top experience.  That means the true believer should feel closer to God on Sunday morning than at any other time of the week.  If that is not your experience then ask God to lead you to a new church.                                         

7.  Here is the most important reason why all of us need to reject this teaching.  This doctrine is not only factually wrong but it also has the potiential to weaken and ruin spiritually healthy churches.                    

Sound impossible?  Let's say that there is a strong Holy Spirit led evangelical church in town.  It is holy without being rigid.  It is people-oriented without being compromising.  It offers programs for all ages.  It has a vision for the lost and the Bible is the final authority.               

Strong churches are made up of faithful believers.  John Doe is one such believer.  But one day John hears Harold Camping's voice on the radio claiming that the Bible indicates that God ended the church age in 1988 and He ended it again in 1994.  John feels led to leave his local church.  "I've been told that the church age has ended and that I am to come out.", he tells his concerned pastor.                                     

What will happen to that church if enough people similar to John Doe decide to leave because of Camping's Hell-born doctrine?  It will become a weaker church and the devil knows it.  This is a classic divide-and-conquer strategy.  For Satan this is a double win, Christians won't support a ministry  that pushes such a harmful doctrine plus good churches still have the potential of being ruined.  This is what makes this teaching so despicable and demonic.                       

It should be noted that since Harold Camping's passing in December 2013, Family Radio has slowly drifted away from this teaching.  As late as 2018 sound-bites of  Camping promoting the end of the Church Age belief could be heard on FR's website.  But after a telephone conversation with one of FR's tele-reps dated May 26, 2020, I've learned that FR no longer holds this teaching.  Instead they focus on the main message - Jesus came to save sinners.  Glory to God!                        

On the negative side there are still a few Internet ministeries who promote this Hell-born doctrine.  They think that they are doing God a service. If just one believer promotes this heresy then that is one too many. As King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 9:18 that one sinner, be they a professing Christian or not, can destroy much good.                        

What is really sad is that all the good that Harold Camping has done in bringing the Gospel message to people groups across the globe by radio, the two biggest things that Camping will be remembered for is his bogus end of the Church age teaching and his bogus May 2011 prediction for the end of the world.                                   

Will the church age really ever end?  Yes when Jesus returns in power and glory for His bride.  As for the "end of the Church Age" teaching, let all of us heed the words of Paul:                        

"...(avoid) the profane and vain babblings and con-  tradictions of what is falsely called knowledge."   (I Tim. 6:20)                                    

III.  The last heresy I want to address in this section is Dual Covenant Theology. This teaching says that God has been operating with two covenants over the past 2000 years.  Jews still are to follow the old Mosiac Covenant of customs from the Torah whereas Christians are to follow the New Covenant of grace through faith in Christ.  This would mean that Christians  need not share their faith in Christ with their Jewish friends simply because all Jews are guaranteed a seat in Heaven just because they are decendants of Abraham.  All of this is taught despite the fact that Jeremiah 31:31 foretold that the days were coming when the Lord would establish a new and better covenant with His choosen people.                             

This teaching existed before 2000 but it certainly had received a big PR boost in 2006 thanks to a few misguided ecumenical Bible teachers.  Dr. John Hagee has said that witnessing to and evangelizing Jews is a waste of time because they are already saved.  Did Paul consider it a waste of time when he witnessed to the Jews in Acts 13:16-43, 18:4, and 19:8?                     

What does Paul say about the Jewish population?                

"Though the number of the children of Israel be as the  sand of the sea, the remnant (a small portion) will be saved" (Romans 9:27)                      

"But wait", some might say, "Paul was quoting Isaiah 10:22.  Here Isaiah was talking about a remnant that will RETURN.  That is only a small remnant of Jews will return to the Holy Land in the post-exile period."  Yes this is what did happen.  However the return to the Holy Land typifies their returning to God but through His Son Jesus in our time.  God's focus isn't on land.  The Holy Land typifies Heaven.  Therefore Romans 9:27 can only mean that just a remnant of all Jews will follow Jesus into eternal life in Heaven.                                  

As we've seen, Paul wrote:                    

"Even so then at the present time there is a remnant   according to the election of grace." (Romans 5:11)               

This is how a sinner becomes saved, through grace.  Yes many sincere, conservative, and religious Jews are pursuing righteousness but they are pursuing it through pious acts that are taught in the Torah rather than faith in Christ. (See Romans 9:30-33)                     

Does God have a plan for the Jewish people?  Yes!  His plan is that they turn to Jesus/Yeshua and that they allow His blood to wash away their sins.  When this happens on an individual basis that person will exchange his sin debt for eternal life.  When Jesus, being a Jew, died and rose again, He offered and is still offering, God's only salvation plan  to the entire world.  It was in this way that the Jews served as a light to the Gentiles.  It was through the Jewish nation that the Messiah would come into the world and offer sinners everywhere the gift eternal life. (See Isaiah 42:6)               


How can we be sure that Jesus is the Messiah?                

1.  During His at least 36 years on Earth, Jesus fulfilled no less than 62 Old testament prophecies.                

2.  We have the testimony of God the Father:                 

"This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."  (Mat. 3:17)                       

3.  He had power over demons.  Everyone I know would avoid a confrontation with 6000 demons.  But Jesus didn't and He won.  People don't have authority over demons but Jesus does because He is the Son of God.                  

4.  The lives of several people He met were transformed forever.  Zachedus was a cheating tax collector until he met Jesus.  Paul was a ruthless enemy of the church until he met Jesus.  Furthermore Jesus still is transforming lives today.                               

5.  The most important proof is the empty tomb.  Forget all the age old nonsense about the disciples seeking past sleeping guards and steeling the body.  The Roman soldiers were ARMED guards who were there to thwart any attempted grave robbery.  Also they knew better than to sleep while on duty.  In spite of the Jewish attempt to  persuade the Roman authorities to drop the case of a missing body and "sleeping soldiers", I do not believe that any of those soldiers died a natural death.                            

Jesus rose from the dead to prove to the whole world that He is the only Person who has power over death.  All those, Jew and Gentile, who become one with Him will share in that power.                      

Throughout history God has related to His people through covenants.  Before Christ there was the Mosiac Covenant.  It contained some 613 regulations.  Obviously no one could maintain that standard perfectly.  Therefore animal sacrifices were used to COVER the sins of the people.  Jesus came as our once-and-for-all-blood sacrifice for sin.  When He shed His blood our sins weren't just covered.  They were washed away.  However according to John 14:6, only those who come to Jesus by faith will experience that divine cleansing and be ready for Heaven.                       

"Oh I'm afraid of what my Jewish friends will think."               

What will they think when you are bound hand and foot and cast into the lake of fire?  When the rich man was in Hell his first words were, "Father Abraham".  This meant that he was probably a Jew.  His Jewishness did not keep him out of the flames.                      

"What about all the anti-semitism spewed by professing Christians?"                        

This is a sad fact.  Many so-called Christians over the centuries have rejected Jews in the name of Christ.  So many people claim to represent God but in reality they only represent themselves.  Don't let someone's ignorance and hypocrisy keep you from experiencing eternal life.               

It also needs to be said that there will be no mass conversion of the Jews at the Second Coming.  On that day Jesus will not be their Messiah but their Judge.  All non-believers will be judged be they Jew or Gentile.  Today is still the day of salvation.  Salvation requires faith.  The day of the Second Coming will be too late.                           

My message to the Jewish people is the same as my message to the Muslim people, the Hindu people, the agnostic people and all unsaved people in general.  It is MARK 1:15.  I'm not going to quote it.  Instead I want the reader to grab a Bible and read it out loud.  It should be our message to a lost world.                               

Are all three of these 21st Century heresies the handiwork of the three unclean spirits mentioned in Revelation 16:13?  Assuming that they are, then all of us need to be on guard and ready with our sword so that we can effectively counter the lies that are dragging many people to Hell.                                                 

In this chapter we've covered the definitions of certain prophecy terms and we've seen just how devious our adversary, the devil, can be in these final days.  Yes evil has always existed on our planet since the beginning of recorded history but as time has continued what past generations called evil, present generations call normal, natural, desireable.                                

The Bible points out that the Second Coming of Christ will not come until there is first a great falling away.  Lucifer will be given his wish, he will be like the Most High.  Lucifer/Satan will be allowed to take his seat in what Isaiah called, "the mount of the congregation", and what Paul called the "temple", and what Hebrews called the "sanctuary".                       

With this high position Satan will be given increased power with less restraint.  God will allow people's faith to be tested.  Persecutions, ungodliness, and deception will increase like never before.                    

According to Revelation 13:5 this period of final testing will last 42 months. These will be the last 42 months of the world's existence.  Two questions people might ask when they see the extreme wickedness in our world might be:  Are we in this final 42 month period?  And if so, how deeply?  The answer to the first question is, yes it is very possible.  Only God can know for sure.  The answer to the second question is, if we are deeply into that period, I have no way of knowing just how deeply.                                      

This is the exciting part!  If we break 42 months into days, it comes out roughly to 1260 days.  If we are in this period, we could be in it very deeply.  Today could be day number 1255 and we would only have five more days until the Second Coming.  Isn't that an exciting thought!                

What will happen at the end of this 42 month time period?  Armageddon will happen.                    

"But wait', some might ask, "Won't the Battle of Armageddon occur in the valley of Meggido where divisions of Russian, Chinese, African, Arab, European, and possibly even American armies, with all their guns and tanks, converge on the tiny state of Israel?"                             

Yes a military confrontation at Meggido where it seems like the whole world is ganging up on little Israel, is commonly taught by prophecy teachers.  What we have to keep in mind are two things.  First our economics today is global.  We have international trade like never before.  Governments now know they can dominate a region or market through trade rather than force.                  

Second Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Remember that New  Testament Israel is the church (Gal. 6:16).  And the 14 ploys that I mentioned earlier are being pushed into today's churches, by the demonic world, like never before.  In short Armageddon is spiritual warfare.                            

Look at our world.  Academics claim that the Bible is anti-intellectual.  Homosexuals say it is wrong to condemn their "lifestyle".  Islamic terrorists want to destroy Christian churches and create havoc in the West.  Liberals want to push evolution and moral relativism in our public schools.                                   

Also our world abounds with false gospels.  A false gospel that believes in a false Jesus is as bad as having no Jesus.  Look at what the false gospels say about Jesus:  An imposter (Judaism), a co-redeemer alongside Mary (Roman Catholicism), Allah's only sinless prophet who was never crucified (Islam), an enlightened grand-master (Eastern Religions), Jehovah's first created (Jehovah's Witness),  Lucifer's brother (Mormonism), an enlightened thetan (Scientology).                                

When we think of Armageddon we have to think spiritually, that is it will be a spiritual battle.  In other words we will live in a time when it looks as though the false gospels have won. (Harold Camping got this teaching right) It will appear as though there is no more future for the true Gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus alone.  Jesus warned us of this coming period of unbelief:                                                                    

"The night is coming when no one can work" (John 9:4)               

Listen to what else God says in His Word:                 

"My Spirit shall not strive with a man forever.'   (Genesis 6:3)                       

Those words were spoken by God in the years leading up to Noah's flood.                       

"Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was   great on the Earth." (Genesis 6:5)                   

The wickedness of man is as bad today as it was in Noah's time.                        

"But as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of  the Son of Man be." (Mat.24:37)                   What is holding back God's judgment on today's world?  It is only the fact that there still are still people and people groups out there that Jesus is interested in reaching.                         

What will happen in the mean time?  Sermons in the future will talk much about the love of God but little will be said about His wrath against sin.  The politically correct crowd will dominated the news media.  Anyone who is mentioned in the media who follows godly values will be thought of as empty-headed and out of touch with reality.                                     

The liberalism and militant secularism that has gripped Europe is slowly spreading to America.  Liberalism has two main interests: the abolition of moral absolutes and bigger government.  The liberalism of the Clinton years gave us political correctness and political correctness gave us hate speech laws.  Liberals love to use our courts and lawmakers to advance their godless agenda.  If the wheels of liberalism continue to turn, we could have FCC laws that will drastically restrict Christian free speech.                                  

Does that sound unlikely?  Consider this story.  In 1987 Daniel Scot, a Pakistani Christian, was forced, because of his faith, to leave his country for Australia.  While there he teamed up with a pastor named Danny Nolliah  In March 2002 they both held a public seminar on the subject of the growth of Islam in Australia.  Little did they know that there were a few undercover Muslim wolves in the audience.                                   

In December 2004 the two men were arrested, tried, and convicted of violating Victoria's anti-vilification law.  The judge ordered them to write an apology and post it on their web-site.  They stood firm for their convictions and refused. They appealed their conviction to the Supreme Court.  Fortunately the Victoria Supreme Court struck down their convictions.                                

Here's a more recent case.  In March 2017 the Canadian House of Commons passed M-103, an anti-Islamaphobe bill. The bill was passed despite the fact that 80 percent of Canadians opposed it.                      

Could anything like that happen in America, a country that so many brave men and women fought to keep free?  If so then Sunday sermons, talk radio, newspaper columns, and even social media could be affected.                              

How intrusive could these laws become?  Imagine being in a public setting like a retail store or a restaurant.  You are having a private conversation with someone where you state your opinions concerning sodomy or Islam.  The next day a policeman comes to your door and hands you a citation because someone overheard your words and became offended.  Our police are needed to catch REAL criminals; not to harass those who aren't politically correct.                

This is not the America that so many patriots fought and died for.  But I'm sure that the "Hush Rush" and "Slam Pam" crowds will be pleased.                              

Don't expect any understanding from some of those who serve in Washington.  During his presidency former president Obama said:                       

"The future generation will not belong to those who  slander the prophet (Muhammed)."                   

Slander is defined as any malicious and false statement about someone that ruins that person's reputation.  But by "slander", Mr. Obama, do you really mean criticize?  As an American citizen I have a legal right to accept or criticize any religion.  Those listening have a right to disagree.  That's America.                             

Do such rights exist in other countries?  If I were to move to Saudi Arabia I would be expected to abide by the country's cultural norms.  There would be no talk of multi-culturalism or tolerence.  Their would be no proposals for anti-Christian vilification laws to protect me.  If anything I would have the Saudi religion police listening to my phone conversations.                               

The Saudis spend millions of dollars of their oil money to advance Islam in the West.  The CAIR office in Washington DC was paid for totally by Saudi oil money.   Yet there is no talk of tolerence of religious expression in Saudi Arabia.                      

The Saudis have no problem with "Christian-phobes".  But our progressive politicans and organizations like CAIR are always on the lookout for Islamophobes?  Why is that?  Are all so-called "Islamophobes " a bunch of right wing Christian extremeists?  Does anyone besides conservatives have the courage to criticize Islam?  Consider for a moment these quotes?                               

"To claim that this religion (Islam) is like other  religions is just naive and plain wrong."                 

Who made that quote?  Robert Spencer?  Pam Geller?  Ann Coulter?  No.  Those words were publicly stated by no one other than talkshow host Bill Maher, America's number one critic of organized religion and a liberal's liberal.               

After the January 7, 2015 shootings at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris by Islamists that left 12 dead and 11 wounded, Maher commented:                     

"What we've said all along and have been called bigots for it, is when there's this many bad apples, there's  something wrong with the orchard."                   

Maher's comment brings to mind what Jesus said concerning how we can identify true prophets from false prophets:                         

"You will know them by their fruits.  A good tree   cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good  fruit." (Mat. 7:16, 17, and 18)                   

Is Bill Maher right when he criticizes Islam?  What are the fruits of the followers of Islam?  Is it really a religion of peace?  Let's hear from ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi in this May 14, 2015 statement:                  

"Islam was never a religion of peace.  Islam is a   religion of fighting.  No one should believe that   the war that we are waging is the war of the Islamic  State, it is the war of all Muslims, but the Islamic   State is spearheading it.  It is the war of Muslims   against infidels."                      

Oh yes I'm sure that there will be Muslims across America who will jump to their feet and say,"We don't support the monsters you call ISIS.  Just like most of today's Protestants don't support the Ku Klux Klan."                

That is a correct assertion.  As a Protestant I in no way support the Klan.  Yet my response to the Muslim community is that Islam is more than just another religion.  It is a religious/political ideology that wishes to dominate the world and eliminate religious freedom                                     

No one can deny that Islam has a violent past.  In a previous chapter I have cited an example from history.  In 1683 the Ottoman Empire was marching and pillaging its way through Europe.  By September they had laid siege to Vienna.  Most Europeans realized that if Vienna fell, all of Europe could become overrun by Islam.                  

Confident that victory was at hand, the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet IV, wrote a letter to Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I.  Below is an excerpt.                  

"Primarily we order you to await us in your residence  city of Vienna so that we can decapitate you...We   will exterminate you and your followers...Children and adults will be exposed to the most atrocious tortures  before they are put to an end in the most ignominous  way imagineable."                      

Wow!  That certainly isn't someone I would want for a nextdoor neighbor.  Let us all be thankful that Mehmet IV didn't get his wish.  On September 12 a calvary charge of thousands of brave Polish Hussars, under the leadership of Jon Seiboeski, put the Ottoman Turks to flight.  Vienna was saved and Europe was spared from Islamic conquest.  If you love your religious freedom, thank the Polish.                                     

Not only is Islam not a religion of peace, it is also not a religion of forgiveness.  After his defeat, the Ottoman General Mustafa was recalled to Belgrade.  On December 25 he was given a Christmas present, an execution.  A merciless and unloving god clearly brings forth merciless and unloving followers.                              

The word "Islam" means submission, that is submission to an impersonal, unloving, unknowable, ruthless, untrustworthy, and graceless god.  Islam claims to be the only road to Heaven.  If this is true then every lost sinner would have to become a Muslim.  If it is not and John 14:6,                                    

"I (Jesus) am the way, the truth, and the life.  No  man comes to the Father except through Me."           true, then all Muslims are headed for spiritual disaster (Revelation 20:15).                     

So-called "anti-Islamophobe" laws that have the potential of restricting evangelism to Muslims, have no place in a free society.  These laws that exist in other countries create more problems than they solve.  They have a way of stirring resentment.  Countries like England and Sweden have seen a sharp rise in immigration and immigrant crime.  These countries also have a growing number of vocal nationalist groups who want the polticans to safeguard the country so that immigrants understand that they are to respect Western law and culture.                            

What is the worst thing that anyone can say to a Muslim?  "Raghead"?  No.  "Go eat a pork sandwich"?  No.  It is, "Your religion will definately take you to Heaven."  These kind words will have a terrible result.  When a Muslim dies, is judged, and sees that his name is NOT in the Book of Life,  he will curse that person's name after he spends just his first five minutes in the lake of fire.                                   

Individual Christians need to remain free to proclaim the truth.  If they are not free to call sin sin and are not free to expose any of the false gospels that offer damnation instead of salvation, then what hope do lost people have of ever knowing that God loves them and wants them to become saved.                                  

Let's all read the First Ammendment:                  

Congress shall make no law respecting the establish-  ment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercice   thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech , or of  the press, or the right of the people peaceably to  assemble, petition the Government for a redress of  grievences.        


There it is - our guarantee of free speech and freedom to hold any religion as granted by the US Constitution.  Since 1791 this amendment has been a basic tenet of our free society.  Let us all be on guard to protect it.  Religious freedom, the right to say "no" to the government only when our spiritual convictions are challenged, is the foundation of all other political freedoms.  Once religious freedom is gone then all other freedoms are gone as well.           


Yes it it true that America will probably never become an Islamic theocracy like Saudi Arabia.  Yet Islamic advocacy groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) seek to do things that should cause all of us some concern.                       

1.  They can push for legislation that bans negative remarks about Islam and bans any attempt to evangelize Muslims to the true Gospel of Christ.                   

2.  They can pressure our elected officials to end American support for Israel.                    

3.  They can hinder law enforcement efforts to track suspected terrorists.  The result will be more terror attacks on American soil.  CAIR already tells its members not to talk to police during a terrorist investigation.               

4.  They have attempted to infiltrate our public schools to spread their religion. reported  that the San Diego School District partnered with CAIR on an "anti-bullying" and "anti-Islamophobe" inititive in April 2017.  A month later the inititive was challenged by concerned parents.  In July 2017 the school district scrapped the inititive.  However newly discovered e-mails showed that  some school district officials were still secretly partnering with CAIR and allowing CAIR to have some input in school district policy and curriculum.                                  

In February 2018 concerned parents filed a motion to stop all contact with CAIR by the school district officials.  Their contention was that CAIR was using the anti-bullying and anti-Islamophobe platform to push the Islamic religion on students.  This of course would violate federal and state laws that prohibit the endorsing of one religion over another in public schools.               

Charles LiMandri, who served as legal council for the concerned parents, made this chilling statement:                

"CAIR officials themselves have testified that they  have a religious obligation to try to convert school   children to Islam, and they'll stop at nothing to do   so."                          

(I wonder what Madalyn O'Hair would say about all this)                                                               

For a more detailed writing about the shady dealings of organizations like CAIR read Pamela Geller's August 28, 2017 on-line article entitled "The Truth About CAIR".  This article plus several important other ones can be found at  May God bless and protect people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for all the hard work they do to help keep America free.                                                       

The day will come when Jesus will have reached all of the people He knows will come to Him. The activity of the Holy Spirit will cease.                                   

Liberal dead religion will replace a real relationship with the living Christ.  The New Tolerence crowd will be so happy that almost all the "bigots" are extinct.  Islamists will still be trying to bring the planet under Sharia Law.  The mainstream media will have their televised talkingheads telling people that family values are too old fashioned for modern times.  Agnostic college professors will be telling their students that there are really no moral and spiritual absolutes.  Mental health professionals will tell their clients that there are many ways to Heaven so pick whichever "-ism" makes you the most comfortable.  And of course their will be those who say that if religion isn't your thing then try some legalized drugs to help you escape reality.                 

If you are the proud owner of a private business then you will be needed to be told how to run it.  You see adult people need big government regs so that their feelings will not be hurt.  Abortions, divorces, suicides, and substance abuse, violent crime, and of course terrorist attacks will continue.  Many people will pour into Hell.  Satan and his demons will have their victory party...until:                                              

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days (the 42  months) the sun will be darkened and the moon will not  give its light...Then the sign of the Son of Man will  appear in heaven and then all the tribes will mourn and  they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of   heaven with power and great glory." (Mat. 24:29 and 30)                                   

THE SIXTH SEAL WILL BE BROKEN!!  Yes Jesus will return someday very soon with amazing glory to claim His bride, the church.  What will happen next?                                

"And He will send His angels with a sound of the trumpet  and they will gather His elect..." (Mat. 24:31)                

The unsaved will be horrified at the sight of the Lord.  Why?  Because now they are seeing the real Jesus not the fake Jesus of all the false religions.                                          

"...the Lamb (Jesus) will overcome them for He is Lord  of lords..." (Revelation 17:14)                                             

"...hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!  For the great day of  His wrath has come and who is able to stand?" (Rev. 6:16 and 17)      


The day of salvation will have ended.  Salvation will no longer be offered.  God Himself will declare:                

"He who is unjust let him be unjust still; and he who is filthy let him be filthy still..." (Rev. 22:11)                            

At this point in time those who are saved will be received up into Heaven and brought into Christ's direct presence.  Paul told the church at Corinth:                  

"...we shall be changed - in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet.  For the trumpet will  sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible."   (I Cor. 15:51 and 52)                     

Paul also told the church at Thessalonica:                 

"...the dead in Christ will rise first.  Then we who  are alive and remain shall be caught up together with  them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  And  so shall we ever be with the Lord." (IThes. 4:17)                

The only people who will be left on the Earth will be the unsaved.  Because they never received Jesus as their Savior and Lord, they will have to face the plagues mentioned in Revelation.                     

Note what else Jesus has said about His Second Coming:              

"Behold, I am coming as a thief.  Blessed is he who   watches and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked   and they see his shame." (Rev. 16:15)                  

Jesus is comparing His return to the striking of a thief.  Not that Jesus is a thief but His sudden return will be like the stealth striking of a thief; that is His return will be unexpected.  Do you expect a thief?  Of course not.  A thief can strike on any normal day.  Hence like the striking of a thief, Jesus could return on any given day - perhaps today!                                

"Watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the  hour in which the Son of Man is coming" (Mat. 25:13)               

Here is a word of warning.  The Bible is written in a way so that no one can calculate the day or even the year of His return.  All we can say for certain is that the Second Coming of Christ is 2000 years closer today than it was at the time of Peter and Paul.  Everything else is pure speculation.                       

The real question that should concern each one of us is not when will Jesus return, but should He return today will I be ready to meet Him?  The warning of not being prepared for the Day of the Lord is found in both the Old and New Testaments.                       

"Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord!  For what  good is the day of the Lord to you?  It will be dark-  ness and not light." (Amos 5:18)                   

"Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the    faith.  Prove yourselves.  Do you not know that Jesus  Christ is in you?  Unless indeed you are disqualified"              

"Many will say to Me 'Lord, Lord have we not...done   many wonders in Your name?'  And I will declare to  them, 'I never knew you, depart from Me.' "    (Mat. 7:22 and 23)                      

Satan is a master deceiver.  He is good at getting Christians to doubt their salvation but he is even better at convincing non-Christians that "Everything is fine.  All this talk of divine judgment is nothing to worry about.  God is too loving to judge anyone anyway."  Don't fall for that lie.  Time is running out.  Today is still the day of salvation.  Religion offers rituals and rules.  Only Jesus Himself offers real salvation.

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