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1876 BC  Jacob and his family migrate to Egypt.  Egypt becomes the first head of the seven headed beast.                       

1446 BC  The Exodus occurs.  Moses begins writing the first books of the Bible.  The two witnesses begin their testimony.                    

750 BC  Assyria rises to power and becomes the second head of the beast.                    

612 BC  Babylon defeats Assyria.  Babylon becomes the third head of the beast.                    

539 BC  Persia defeats Babylon.  Persia becomes the fourth head of the beast.                    

444 BC  Daniel's Seventy Weeks Prophecy begins.                 

323 BC  Greece rises to power at the time of Alexander.  Greece becomes the fifth head of the beast.                       

167 BC  Antiochus IV invades Jerusalem and desecrates the Temple.  The 2300 evenings and mornings prophecy begins.                      

164 BC  The Jews drive Antiochus and his Gentiles from the Temple.  The 2300 evenings and mornings prophecy ends.                     

63 BC  Roman armies invade Palestine                    

44 BC  Julius Caesar is asassinated.  The Roman Republic experiences 17 years of civil wars.                 

27 BC  Augustus becomes emperor.  The Roman Empire becomes the sixth head of the beast.                   

4 BC  Jesus is born in Bethlehem                    

14 AD  Tiberius becomes emperor.                     

29 AD  Jesus is baptized in the 15th year of Tiberius.  The 1335 day prophecy of Daniel begins.                        

33 AD  Jesus is crucified.  The 69th week of Daniel ends.  The 1290 day prophecy of Daniel  begins.  Pentecost happens.  The 1335 day prophecy ends.  The first four seals of Revelation are opened.                     

36 AD  Stephen is stoned.  The 1290 day prophecy ends. The fifth seal is opened.                   

70 AD  The Jerusalem Temple is destroyed by Rome. The "times of the Gentiles" begin.                                   

95 AD  The Bible is completed and its texts are driven underground.  The two witnesses finish their testimony and are "killed".                  

324 AD  By this time Constantine has "uprooted" three of his rivals.  He is the most powerful man in Roman civilization.                    

538 AD  The papacy rises to power.  Papal Rome becomes the seventh head of the seven headed beast.                       

1517 AD  Martin Luther starts the Protestant Reformation.  The Bible becomes available to the common people.  The two witness are  revived.                      

1545 AD  The papacy starts the Council of Trent.                

1611 AD  The King James Bible is completed.                 

1798 AD  The French army invades Rome. The beast suffers its deadly wound to the head.                

1929 AD  The deadly wound is healed by the Lateran Treaty between Pius XII and Mussolini.                

1938 AD  A "flood" of Jewish persecution begins in Nazi Germany.  (Rev. 12:15)                  

1945 AD  An international war effort brings an end to the Jewish persecution.  (Rev. 12:16)                

1948 AD  Israel becomes a nation.  The fig tree of Matthew 24:32 comes onto the world scene.               

1962 AD  The Second Vatican Council begins a new era of friendly deception.  The second beast of Revelation comes onto the world scene.                

1967 AD  Israel wins the Six Day War.  The "times of he Gentiles" end. The sixth seal of Revelation is opened. Jesus returns in power and glory. He takes His Church to Heaven for 1000 years.  Those left behind will have to endure the 14 plagues in Revelation for at least 5 months. After the 5 months there will be universal death on the Earth.  This will be Satan's prison for 1000 years. At the end of the 1000 years Satan will be loosened from his prison.  He and his fallen angels will make an attack against the holy city.  They will be defeated and cast into the lake of fire. The unsaved will be raised and stand for judgment as individuals. God will then create new heavens and a new Earth for His elect. The 70th "week" of Daniel ends in victory.

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