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Patrick L. Cannon is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania.  He holds a B.A. in Communications and History from Mercyhurst College (now Mercyhurst University) Class of 1983   Carpe Diem


Christ the Redeemer

Hello, my name is Patrick L Cannon and I welcome you to my web-site Hope For A Troubled World.

The purpose of my web-site is to share my book entitled His Justice Cannot Sleep Forever with reader all over the world. I have tried to publish my book through the traditional route. But because I was a new writer with no existing platform, agents either would ignore my queries or would give a "Thanks but no
thanks" response. Self-publishing was another route but that costs thousands of dollars that I didn't have. Plus the self-publishing industry is riddled with scams.


Writing this book for me is something important that I want to share with the world. This book teaches the subject of Bible prophecy in a responsible and dignified manner.  There is no sensationalism, no wild conspiracy theories and no date-setting. 


Also my insights are fresh, unique, original, and thought-provoking."  It is not a rehash of what is already out there.  Plus this is more than just a prophecy book.  In it I aim to answer such important questions as: 'Is there any value to the Christian faith aside from gaining my ticket to Heaven?'  and "How can I get help in this mixed up world?'


I wish every reader God's best.     


Patrick L Cannon

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